Orangeries & Garden Rooms

What are Orangeries?

Nowadays, not for growing oranges, but buildings similar to Garden Rooms distinct by their lantern roofs, some say a cross between a Garden Room and a Conservatory  The introduction of the roof  lantern gives the room a feeling of greater light, similar to the roof lights within the Garden Rooms, but more of an architectural feel. 


A fabulous way to add an extra room to your home, space that can be put to a variety of uses such as Kitchen extensions / Games Rooms / Music Studios / Hot Tub Buildings / Gyms / Lounges and many more.


What are garden rooms?

Garden Rooms are quickly becoming the next generation conservatories.  Either independant or atatched to a building, they allow the occupant to escape and relax in total comfort whilst indulging themselves in the sanctuary of the garden .


These structures take advantage of the surroundings by utilising architectural glazed elements within the design to create a feeling of being outside whilst remaining in the comfort of the building.  They have become popular in recent times, as home owners have demanded a move from the more conventional conservatory to a contemporary thermally efficient living space



What is the difference between a garden room and a conservatory?

The modern conservatory began with the invent of polycarbonate roofing systems in the 80's and 90's, where they very quickly became popular using upvc windows and doors to create the framework on which to place the poycarbonate roof. 


They do, however carry inherent problems, in so much as they are too hot in Summer and extremely cold during the Winter months.  Garden Rooms are designed to maintain a Garden view whilst creating a structure that is aethetically pleasing and very thermally efficient, therefore enabling your investement to be  utilised all year round